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Team Member (Material Handler)

Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd

MYR 1,200.00 - MYR 3,040.00


A team member is contributing to the team's mission by involvement, ownership and competence to drive results in order to reach the team targets. A team member is executing operational and non-operational activities.

  • Act according to rules, regulations and instructions.
  • Work with the right mindset.
  • Take action when abnormalities occur.
  • Contribute towards the team’s mission.
  • Contribute in reaching the team targets.
  • Initiate/drive improvements in agreement with team leader/supervisor.
  • Perform decided operator maintenance tasks within the team.
  • Contribute to a good internal (within the team) and external (outside the team) communication.
  • Increase own competence to be able to maintain and continuously improve.
  • Spread own competence in the team.
  • Contribute to a good work environment.
  • Support new activities, improvements and re-organizations.
  • Take an active part of QDFIPS role or a part of a role.

Voluntary extended role responsibility to be decided locally:  

  • Take responsibility for a physical sub area where decided.
  • Making sure that the operator preventive maintenance is being carried out and improved.
  • Working actively and systematically with reduction of minor stops.
  • Securing that visual factory on equipment is according to standard and used.
  • Maintaining the level of 5S according to standard and improving.
  • Securing that work instructions (e.g. OIS and WES) are up to date and improved.
  • Securing follow-ups, analysis and improvements for process and production results within the sub area.
  • Communicating with support functions regarding the sub area.
  • Securing training material and education of own sub area to others.
  • Participating in networks regarding similar process steps.
  • Securing all methods for his/her’s sub process (e.g. Tool change, change overs etc)
  • Securing correct process step parameters (e.g. NC parameters, Backups etc)
  • Securing Quality KPI’s of own sub area (e.g. FTT, TPY, scrap, rework, process capability etc)
  • Securing Takt time, cycle time.
  • Securing calibration of tools.
  • Reducing system losses caused by sub area.



  • To act by, communicate and role model the Volvo Cars culture and behaviors.
  • Customer focus.
  • Show courage.
  • Make things happen and innovate.
  • Believe in people.

Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to act Independent as well as being a Team member.
  • Flexible • Analytical.
  • Inclusiveness.


  • Communication skills.
  • Systems & applications (e.g. Maximo, MS office, ATACQ)
  • VCMS.
  • M3MU.
  • Planning & organizing.

Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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